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1980Fieldking sience 1980
established Fieldking
Established its first manufacturing facility at Karnal, Haryana
year 19901990
filedking capacity doubled
Doubled capacity with new manufacturing facility
year 1990 in1990
1996year 1996
fieldking goes global
Goes global with its first major export
fieldking lunched disc
Launched disc harrows and disc ploughs for domestic and export markets
fieldking year 20002000
fieldking gets iso
Fieldking gets ISO 9001:2008 certificate
year of 20002000
2005year of 2005
diversified the product portfolio
Diversified the product portfolio with addition of rotary tiller and laser leveller
fieldking in 20082008
established a new modern facility
Established a new modern facility spread over the area of 20,000 sq. mtrs.
alt 20082008
2011fieldking in 2011
exports spread over 46 countries
Exports spread over 46 countries across the globe
fieldking received CE certificate2014
fieldking CE
Received CE certification
milestone in 20142014
2016fieldking in 2016
fieldking commissioned third plant
Third Manufacturing plant getting commissioned, which will be the largest plant in Asia
fieldking in 20162017
fieldking family today 100 countries
Fieldking family today 100 countries, over 1.2 million farmers, 1400 Dealers, 700 employees and 500 vendors.
fieldking 20172017
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