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Serving multiple purposes in farming, a harrow is an essential piece of equipment that every farmer swears by! With the ability to effectively manage soil and drastically improve its structure and fertility, the harrow is a popular farm implement among farmers. Fieldking is a leading harrow manufacturer in India, providing several kinds of harrows at affordable prices. Fieldking offers premium quality harrows to help farmers manage soil and prepare seedbeds for crops. Often the harrows are used to complete the work of the cultivators since they not only break the soil into fine particles, they also have a consolidating effect as they shake the soil and rearrange particle distribution.

The Types Of Harrows Offered By Fieldking Include:

  1. Disc harrow
  2. Hydraulic harrow
  3. Robust poly disc harrow
  4. Compact model disc harrow
  5. Hunter harrow

Fieldking offers different kinds of harrows catering to the specific needs of the farmers. The various uses and benefits of harrows include

  • Seedbed preparation to ensure optimal seed-to-soil contact for better germination and uniform plant growth.
  • Weed Control to enhance crop yield.
  • Incorporate Crop Residues such as leaves and stems into the soil to improve its organic content and ensure recycling of nutrients into the soil.
  • Soil Aeration to improve water and air penetration fostering better root development and enhancing uptake of nutrients by crops.
  • Control Soil Erosion by creating protective surface mulch shielding the soil from the impact of wind and heavy rain.
  • I am smoothing rocky uneven terrain making it suitable for cultivation.

Key Features Of Fieldking’s Range Of Harrows Include:

  • Fieldking’s high-speed disc harrow for sale works up to 20 km/hr to aerate the soil and prepare it for planting.
  • With a durable design and sturdy weight, it is easier to achieve a clod-free seedbed and an improved soil structure
  • Using top-notch boron steel discs ensures proper uprooting of weeds and incorporation of crop residue in the soil.
  • A compact model disc harrow can be used either mounted or trailed. This helps the farmers use this tool at their own ease, pace, and discretion.
  • Harrows not only save time and labor but also ensure the prevention of soil erosion and soil moisture conservation.
  • It is available in Ultra, Dabangg, Maxx, Light, Medium and Heavy series. This massive variety along with competitive disc harrow price has made our harrows a part of the winning formula for Indian farmer’s agricultural practices.