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Modern innovation that revolutionized the agricultural sector and made soil preparation more efficient, comprises of the plough, which is a constructive primary and secondary tillage equipment.The replacement of wooden ploughs with its modern and technological counterpart has given way to upgraded soil quality, increased productivity, proficiency and profitability. As a primary tillage equipment, plough is responsible for loosening of the upper layer of the soil, that forms the perfect preliminary step to prepare the soil for making a smooth and clod free seedbed. Fieldking, being a leading plough manufacturer in India, offers plough for sale in a wide range to be used for multiple crops, climatic and soil conditions. Our thirst to embrace innovation and excellence has led us to introduce different types of ploughs at unbeatable plough price. We are an enterprise with a blend of sincere intentions, intelligent efforts and skillful execution; making us a farmer’s perfect companion.

Fiedlking Offers Various Type Of Plough

  1. Disc plough: This type is used when the soil is hard, dry and rocky. Consisting of circular blades that cut and turn the soil and exposes it to fresh air and sun, a disc plough effectively increases the nutrients and water absorbing capacity of the soil.
  2. Mould board plough: Consisting of a curved blade that cuts through the soil and turns it over, a MB plough prepares the field for planting and cultivation. It not only buries weeds and crop residues but aerates the soil at the same time.
  3. Hydraulic Reversible ploughs: Having the ability to turn the soil in both directions, reversible ploughs are perfect for medium or large size farms. Covering more ground than the traditional ploughs, this hydraulically operated implement requires zero to minimal manual intervention.

Key Features Of Fieldking Range Of Ploughs

  • Fieldking’s disc ploughs are constructed with mounted concave discs that cut through the soil and facilitates better air circulation, improvement in water infiltration and soil rejuvenation.
  • MB ploughs are made up of sturdy blades that turns the soil completely and improves its structure by facilitating the water and other nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil.
  • The healthy growth of new crops can only be done when there is effective weed control and the residues of the previous crop are buried deep. This function is performed by ploughs, which in turn reduces the need for pesticides and herbicides.
  • The arrangement of the blades ensures impressive incorporation of the fertilizers during ploughing. This advances successful land and seedbed preparation and eventually a fruitful agricultural season.
  • It is a durable, sturdy and multi-functional equipment.