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Cultivator / Tillers

Agricultural practices earlier involved manual labor with simple digging tools such as spades, axes, etc. But modern times have given way to advanced farm implements that increase efficiency in farm operations, reducing labor requirements and improving productivity.

The modern cultivator is one such farm implement that improves the soil structure and surface before seeding it. Successfully scratching the top layer of the soil to remove weeds, destroy crop residues, loosen the hard soil, and distribute equal amounts of fertilizer, a cultivator is secondary tillage equipment that yields flourishing harvests.

Fieldking, the renowned cultivator manufacturer in India , offers a wide variety of cultivators to help farmers save time and labor and ultimately increase crop production. Understanding the needs of the farmers, the soil, and the tractor HP requirements, our cultivator comes in various designs, shapes, and weights, capable of catering to different work and climatic conditions, varying crop and soil types with competitive cultivator price. Fieldking’s heavy duty type cultivator for sale is just one among the vast range of cultivators offered by Fieldking. The entire range of Fieldking cultivators is nothing less than a lifelong investment since it is durable, robust, and requires less maintenance, which ultimately delivers perfection and precision, all while saving a ton of money due to the affordable tiller price<

Key features of Fieldking Cultivators:

  • Multi row tiller comes with spring steel tyne that is adjustable and easy to use.
  • Fieldking’s cultivators come with a crumbler that ensures that soil particles don’t get squeezed together. This guarantees the penetration of nutrients deep into the plant roots and improved aeration.
  • Among the many types of tiller for sale manufactured by Fieldking, the strength of the design is the key differentiator, making it possible to reach problematic areas such as hard and rocky surfaces.
  • Made of heavy-duty steel tubes, cultivators effectively uproot weeds and get rid of debris.
  • Preparing seedbeds is easy with Fieldking’s cultivators since they help mix soil with fertilizers, maintain space between crops, disturb the habitat of pests, prevent soil erosion, and improve the overall fertility of the soil.
  • The double coil tyne tiller by Fieldking is suitable for light tillage for your land, but if your purpose is deep tillage, you can choose Fieldking’s extra heavy-duty tiller that can reach a depth of nine inches.