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Gone are the days when manual digging, ploughing and tilling was the norm in the agrarian sector. Bidding farewell to all the backache, mental and physical burden caused by manual work that was done in the agricultural farm, the invention of machine driven implements that facilitate land preparation was a revolutionary start to the new phase of agricultural farming; of which the introduction of the rotavator is one such development.

A rotavator is a powered machine that uses rotating blades to prepare the land and provide the best soil condition by preventing and controlling pest invasion and crop diseases. This manipulation and preparation of the soil requires the use of a multipurpose farm implement like the rotavator that mechanically pulverizes, cuts, mixes and levels the soil in a single pass.

The effectiveness of this procedure successfully vouches for survival and uniformity of the crop to be planted, improves soil, water and air conditions and facilitates soil conservation. There are however a wide variety of rotavators that could be put to use depending on the power source, type of soil and the size of the area.

A rotavator fulfils multiple purposes.

Harindar Seth uses a rotary tiller attached to his four-wheel tractor to turn the soil of his farm in Punjab. Another type of rotavator or rotary tiller is used by Manav Sherawat who has got the project of road construction in the outskirts of New Delhi. A small self-propelled rotary tiller is used by Roshni Bhalla of Hyderabad for her domestic garden that needs to be tilled before planting a crop.

Rotavator: Assembly, Uses, Maintenance and safety:

Rotavator Assembly:

This motorised machine is used for multiple purposes and thereby serves multiple functions. With the purpose of understanding the significance of rotary tillers, we must first dive into the subtleties and detailed breakdown of its various parts and their respective competencies.

A rotavator consists of different parts such as:

  • Independent top mast
  • Single or multispeed gear box
  • Chain or gear cover part flange
  • Blades
  • Cardan shaft
  • Rotor shaft
  • Trailing board
  • Frame and cover
  • Adjustable depth skids
  • Offset adjustable frame
Check out Rotavator Assembly Basics Video Here

Transmission of power from tractor Power Take-off (P.T.O) to input rotavator shaft is done vis-à-vis the independent top mast. Depending on the power used, the rotavator is classified as engine operated or tractor drawn rotavator. The power driven shaft is used to cut the soil and trash via the knives and tines that are attached to it. The blades are the central component of a rotavator since it drives the machine in preparing the seedbed and mixing the residual soil. These blades are generally L shaped since they fulfil the purpose of killing weeds and achieve maximum efficiency. The rotavator can easily be adjusted to suit one’s farming needs. The place of rear cover can be adjusted; the degree of pulverization of the soil can be controlled. The depth skids can also be adjusted to determine the distance between the soil and the blade.

Use of Rotavator :

  • Rapid seed bed preparation and reduced draft in comparison to the traditional tillage methods.
  • Use of rotary tillers reduces the time and effort by 30%-35% that used to go in land preparation by traditional cultivators.
  • Increased high quality of work, minimised fuel consumption and reduced cost of operation ensures the permanent existence of rotavators in every farm no matter the size.
  • Can be used in primary and secondary tillage.
  • When a rotavator turns the soil, it offers the maximum amount of nutrients to the crops which in turn increases the crop yield that ultimately raises the profit.
  • It can be used for multifarious purposes too such as shallow cultivation and weed control, making ita desirable and an integral part of the farming process.
  • It can be used in any texture of the soil since it also boosts soil porosity and aeration.
  • It can be used for a variety of crops such as sugar cane, cotton and banana to name a few.
  • Along with retaining the soil moisture and reducing the labour and the dextrous work that used to go in preparing the soil, this power operated implement is easy to use, making the whole process smooth and manageable.
  • The different versions of rotary tillers along with their diverse functions make the rotavator an essential commodity in today’s time.

Types of Rotavator

Rotavator is versatile machinery used in primary as well as secondary tillage which makes it suitable for different types of soils. Fieldking offers a wide range of rotavator models designed to perform different functions. Here we have mentioned few types of rotavator –

Light Duty

The light-duty rotavators include mini-series and hobby series rotary tillers that are Ideal to use in preparing the soil of small gardens, garden boundaries, small vegetable garden or allotments.·

  • The light-weight compact mini rotavator is suitable to maintain and prepare small gardens.
  • It can loosen and aerate the soil, 4 to 5 inches deep.
  • Best machinery for weed control and soil pulverization.

Medium Duty

The medium-duty rotavators include regular series rotary tillers and are ideal to use in allotment, nurseries, greenhouses, vineyards and gardens to loosen the soil, weed control and encouraging water absorption around plants.·

  • The medium series rotavator is able to perform in the most demanding conditions.
  • The previously compacted uncultivated ground can be prepared for sowing.
  • It can loosen and aerate the soil up to 6 inches deep.
  • The medium-duty rotavators can work closely to crops and plants without damaging them.
  • These medium-duty rotary tillers are easy to operate and assist you in reducing the required effort for cultivating the land significantly.

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Rotavators are best suitable for farmers to work over large areas for land cultivation. Fieldking Heavy-duty rotavator series include Gold Rotary Tiller that provides the option of 2 different rotor rpm for different soil conditions and applications.

  • Can loosen and aerate soil up to 7 inches deep.
  • Ensures perfectly levelled and finished seedbed with high performance in all working conditions.
  • Rotor speed can be managed easily.

Rotavator Maintenance:

rotavator is meticulous and intricate machinery that needs proper care and maintenance to ensure its long, healthy and sound life.

A rotary tiller’s engine oil and filter needs to be changed regularly owing to its task of digging up the soil. This should be done at least once a year or after 50 hours of use or if the oil visually appears to be dirty. The air filter needs to be cleaned regularly and the other parts need to be washed after each use to ensure optimum efficiency. Regular maintenance and inspection of the agricultural implement would not only tick the economic benefits reaping out of the machinery but would also not compromise the safety of all those involved in its operation.

Safety of Rotavator :

Using a rotavator or any other agricultural machinery requires one to keep a great number of things into consideration:

  • Operation of the machinery should only be restricted to people who are properly instructed, trained and experienced with careful supervision.
  • Children must be kept far away from the machinery even if it is not connected to the tractor.
  • Wearing loose fitting clothes are not advised since they may get caught in moving parts.
  • Before operation check for the following
  • Hitch pins and drive shaft are tightly secured.
  • No components are worn or cracked.
  • Work area must be clear especially of children and animals.
  • Don’t touch the blades or any other part of the rotavator unless the tractor is turned off.

Multi-functional use of a Rotavator:

Different models offer different functions. There are various types of rotary tillers that are versatile in terms of power and the functions they are able to perform. A rotavator can be used to do the following:

  • Chopping and mixing of the crops
  • Tilling and planting operations
  • Incorporation of fertilizers and other chemicals
  • Row crop cultivation
  • Weed control
Working Video of Tractor Rotavator or Rotary tiller 

A right kind of rotary tiller is needed to satisfy one’s agricultural needs. While there are smaller models that are designed to be used on small allotments, there are larger models that are used in larger areas and fields.

Depending on your requirement you can choose any model, however the quality, durability and standard of the machinery should never be compromised on. Standing up to its reputation as the most reliable and leading manufacturers of rotavators in India, Fieldking is the top choice of farmers and agricultural workers throughout the country.

Fieldking has proven to not only be reliable in terms of the quality of the agricultural implements they provide but also with respect to keeping up with the latest technological advancements that grace the market. Having the privilege to be adorned by years of experience has made our services, fast and efficient, our implements transcending in quality and reliability and our company trustworthy and reputed.

Fieldking promises to add value to your agricultural activities by offering multi-featured powerful implements at the finest prices. Backed up by our motto of providing “all or nothing” in terms of quality, Fieldking has changed the lives of farmers throughout the country by helping them intensify profits and productivity.

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