6 Tips To Choose the Right Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

Choosing the right agricultural machinery is essential for a farmer for timely completion of the farming operation and to grow high-quality crops. Modern farmers have easy access to almost all types of farm machinery used in various agricultural practices for different operations. Machinery is available at local or nearby dealers, agricultural machinery manufacturer and even online marketplaces.

Before choosing any farm equipment a farmer should be sure about the compatibility of the machinery for a particular task. For example, a farmer should choose a harvester as per the crop type he needs it for, and a plough should be chosen as per the soil type. A farmer can make his farming business profitable by selecting the right type of machinery and also can save operational expenses due to labour costs. Using right farm equipment allows farmers to generate more profit and growing more crops within lesser efforts.

The performance of any agricultural machinery also depends on the soil and weather conditions of the land. Thus to get expected outcomes, a farmer needs to consider several facts before choosing machinery for his farm.

Tips To Choose the Right Agricultural Machinery

  • Land Size
  • Soil Type
  • Availability of Repairing Facility or Service Center
  • Considering the Resale Value
  • Brand and Model Name
  • Check the Machine Design
  1. Land Size
    A farmer would need a larger number of machinery for on-time completion of harvesting and planting tasks in a bigger size of land. A farmer can also consider obtaining some extra or an added number of tractors or farm machines available on a pay per use basis or can buy used machinery.
  2. Soil Type
    Before buying any farm machinery a farmer should be aware of the soil structure as subject to the type of the soil, it needs to be decided whether the heavier or lighter machine would be suitable. For instance for a farm with light soil a farm machine with higher earth clearance but minimum weight is suitable. A plough may work differently in soils with different textures and moisture contents.
  3. Availability of Repairing Facility or Service Center
    It is also essential to make sure that the parts or machinery service centre of the manufacturer or farm machinery brand is available nearby. To avoid service centre search efforts and any interruptions at the crucial time of farming operations a farmer should already have the service centre or repairing facility contact details.
  4. Considering the Resale Value
    Before making a purchase decision, consider all types of costs such as operational cost, ownership cost, machinery and labour cost as the sum of all should not be greater than that of the resale value of the machinery.
  5. Brand and Model Name
    Do not make a quick decision about a machine looking at its external appearance only. To avoid any hassle related to parts or servicing availability, consider buying a farm machine from a reputed brand in the agriculture market such as Fieldking. Find the latest technology models with the best features, compare with other brands and chose any equipment as per your needs.
  6. Check the Machine Design
    Check all the technical data, from the design to machine adjustments, vibrations, points of wear and noise of the machine for easy handling of the machine. Take help of the dealer of a company representative to get the detailed features of the machinery.

Few other points that are essential to be considered are:

• The total power needed for operating the farm equipment.
• Predictable service years
• The original cost of the farm machine
• The capacity and number of equipment needed in terms of size and work to be done

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