Tractor Trailer: Overview and Types

Tractor Trailer

Bishnoy in Jalpaiguri, Bengal, Hansraj in Punjab, Devesh Dave in Maharashtra and many more farmers like them made a very crucial decision and are today very happy about it. They recently bought a tractor trailer and it changed their efficiency forever. Bishnoy can now easily carry his paddy off his field to the storehouse for further processing; Hansraj can carry the potato produce while Devesh can carry loads of sugarcane to the storehouse easily without wasting any time. They all can carry fertilizers, seeds, etc. to the fields and save time and energy.

What is Tractor Trailer?

Tractor Trailers are well-known farm implements that are used to haul and transport a large variety of agricultural produce, tools, or other goods that may be in small or large quantities. Coupled and hitched to a tractor, the trailer can be used as an effective means to move goods, bales, wood, soil, or other materials over short or long distances.

Importance of Tractor Trailers – Transforming the Life of Farmers

Being easily attached to tractors, speeding up transportation, and offering high dependability, tractor trailers are very popular among agricultural communities. Besides, these improve the efficiency of farmers allowing them to deliver their products faster and increase sales opportunities. With a lower rate of loss during transportation, the trailers further help farmers in easing their agricultural activities enhancing the importance of tractor trailers further.

Their benefits include:

  • Increased Mobility – These can be used to haul bulky loads over long distances
  • Increased Capacity – These can transport large quantities of goods in a single trip making them more cost-efficient
  • Save Costs & Time– Increased Mobility and capacity and the need for only one driver to operate makes these tractor trailers cheaper than other transport options saving time and money
  • Enhanced Safety – Designed to carry large quantities of load, these have a stable center of gravity allowing absorption of force during impact making them safer for the driver and cargo

Uses of Tractor Trailers

Tractor Trailers are popular farm implements that help to increase efficiency and make agricultural tasks easier. These are used to carry bulk materials such as crops, grains, fertilizers, seeds, soil, tools, etc. Offering flexibility in loading and unloading, the uses of tractor trailers are multiple besides being safe and economical.

Fieldking – a renowned name in the manufacture of farm implements including tractor trailer

Fieldking is a renowned manufacturer of farm implements offering relevant products combined with advanced technology to give designs that fulfill the needs of the farmers. Designed to meet the time efficiency of farm operations, and increase productivity by enhancing the judicious use of farm power available to farmers the farm implements by Fieldking have helped farmers in the diversification of agriculture. Allowing multiple cropping and enhancing farmers’ work output per unit of time, these tools have helped in enabling farmers to efficiently utilize inputs such as irrigation water, fertilizers, and seeds and increase the yield.

Types of Tractor Trailers

Different Kinds of Trailers depend on different needs  

Farmers need farm implements during various stages of their agricultural activities. Fieldking offers numerous farm implements. Among these, the tractor-mounted trailer can easily work at different levels of operation including plantation, crop cultivation, rooting, etc. Depending on the needs of the farmers they can choose from different types of tractor trailers to get the best performance and efficiency for their agricultural activities. There are 3 types of tractor trailers available in the market:

Tipping Trailer 

Tipping Trailers are equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that allows the trailer to tip for unloading its content. This is used for heavy bulky materials such as soil etc. that otherwise cannot be unloaded quickly and efficiently. The hydraulic system allows an elevation of the angle of the trailer’s bed enabling more content to be unloaded faster. It is also easy to roll heavy objects into the trailer bed due to the hydraulic system.

Tipping Trailer

The angle of the tilt of the trailer’s bed can be adjusted and allow the items inside to be pushed out with the assistance of gravity. Most trailers are hinged at the back end which remains fixed while the front end is raised with the help of hydraulic power.

Tipper Trailers also offer easy adjustment of their volumes since mesh extensions can be used to hold more content while tarps can cover them to prevent loss.

The tipping trailer by Fieldking is among the most popular trailers in the market offering outstanding performance and better efficiency to yield high-crop produce. It offers several advantages to farmers:

  • Flexibility in loading and unloading
  • Reliable & durable
  • High-grade hub, axle, bearings & tipping mechanism
  • Well-designed for towing & loading stability
  • Wide tubeless tires
  • Easily available
  • Affordable Price
  • Works with ease at all levels of farm operations
  • Good for all levels of soil
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Easy to mount on the tractor
  • Reduces workload
  • Can be used during plantation, cropping, rooting of crops, etc.

Non-tipping Trailer

Non-tipping trailers do not tip and cannot dump their load. They are used for hauling content that does not require to be emptied out such as tools, materials, implements, bags of grains, seeds, fertilizers, etc. Non-tipping Trailers do not use hydraulic tipping technology and hence have a reduced risk of overturning. Besides these can be easily used in areas that have tree canopies, overhead cables, or gradient uneven surfaces allowing safe deposit of load on the site. Sites with height constraints can also use Non-tipping trailers to receive the load.

Non Tipping Trailer

The Non-Tipping Trailer by Fieldking is engineered with advanced technology to deliver premium quality. Made up of high quality material, these can be tractor mounted to carry large quantities of load. The innovative design allows easy loading-unloading of materials. The heavy-duty framework, hubs & axles used have been designed to offer maximum reliability & durability. It offers several advantages to farmers:

  • Great strength & stability
  • Easy to mount or attach
  • Enhanced loading & towing stability
  • Minimum wear & tear in tough usage conditions
  • High load-bearing capacity bearings used in hubs
  • Protection against the water with superior quality seals in hubs & bearings
  • Wide tubeless tyres
  • Best value for money with an economical price
  • Saves the overall operating cost of transportation

3–way Tipping Trailer

The 3-way Tipper Trailer is a highly versatile multi-purpose trailer that can help in transporting bulk materials across fields, farms, or gardens. Designed to tip in 3 directions, it is used to haul and transport heavy materials such as sand, soil, or gravel. It can also be used to carry large items such as rocks, logs, or debris. It can be tipped in front, back, or sides depending on requirement and terrain. Allowing ease of loading and unloading, it makes it convenient to dump the load in any direction without the need to position the trailer as per a rearward tip. A heavy duty trailer is most beneficial for large farms.

3-Way Tipping Trailer

The 3-way Tipping Trailer by Fieldking is made of premium quality materials to protect against corrosion and ensure a long working life for the trailer. The frame construction is highly stable and has good road-holding properties. The 3-way tipper trailer can be used to transport large quantities of grain, beetroots, potatoes, straw bales, and other bulky material. Simplifying complex agricultural tasks saves time improving efficiency and productivity. Its advantages include:

  • Easy to attach or mount
  • Easily Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Saves the cost of operations
  • Fuel Efficient
  • The flexibility of loading/unloading bulky materials such as farm produce
  • Three side tipping mechanism with a single cylinder offers ease of operations
  • The control valve mechanism for side tipping makes it safer for side unloading
  • High grade hub, axle, bearings & tipping mechanism ensure durability & reliability

Tractor Trailer Price

The Trailers including Non-tipping, Tipping, and 3-way Tipping are great agriculture machinery that can be used for hauling bulky items. Offering ease of loading & unloading, they are suitable for tillage systems and increase efficiency and productivity making complex farm activities much simpler and quicker. Fieldking offers premium quality trailers that are durable & reliable and can be used during cropping, plantation, or rooting of crops. The tractor trailer prices offered by Fieldking are highly economical and competitive making it a popular choice among farmers. You can check the price of the various types of Trailers on the website.

Fieldking also offer services to help maintain the trailers so that they are always ready to serve whenever you need them. Contact us for further details.

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