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Reversible Mould Board Plough


  •  It is designed to work in all types of soil for functions such as soil breaking, soil raising and soil inversion.
  •  The plough has special wear-resistant steel bottoms with points for toughest ploughing jobs.
  •  It can handle the toughest ploughing job with excellent penetration performance.
  •  The under-frame clearance is adequate to cope with trashy conditions.
  •  Easy drawbar adjustment.
  •  Strong turnover axle
  •  Hydraulic turnover mechanism.
  •  Good fuel economy

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The Reversible Plough is a agriculture implement, which is directly mounted to the tractor. This is a hydraulically operated implement for preparation of land. It is used in hard and dry trashy stumpy land condition. It can also under heavy crop residual because of its Heavy-duty clearance. This plough works on both the right and left side and automatically reverses the position while ploughing which reduces time & consumption of diesel.

The key specifications of Plough:

  • Plough is used as a primary tillage operations.
  • It is used in cutting and burying trash completely under the soil.
  • It is also useful in turning green manure crop under the soil for decaying which ultimately adds humus to the soil hence improves the soil quality.
  • Turning and mixing compost, farmyard manure and other fertilizers into the soil can also be done through this.

Major functions of Reversible MB plough:

  1. Reveresible MB plough is designed in such a way that it can easily perform some soil functions such as soil raising, soil inversion and soil breaking in different kind of soils.
  2. This plough has special wear-resistant steel bottoms with points for hardest ploughing works.
  3. It also has a easy drawbar adjustment.
  4. It can be found in 2 and 2+1 number of furrows.
  5. It has 8mm mould board thickness, 10 mm plough share thickness and 80mm tyne thickness.
  6. It also has hydraulic turnover mechanism.
  7. The 2 bottom plough has a tillage width of 28 inches while 2+1 has a tillage width of 41 inches.
  8. It produces cut upto the depth of 14 inches.
  9. It also requires a minimum of 55-70 HP tractor for 2 bottom plough and 75-100 HP tractor for 2+1 bottom plough.
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