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Heavy Duty Sub Soiler

Sub Soilers

  •  The sub soilers are deep tillage implements specially designed for breaking up hard pan layers and loosening the subsoil allowing better drainage, root growth and mineral osmosis.
  •  It can be safely used for heavy duty applications, as the shear bolt arrangement protects the implement from getting damaged due to hidden obstacles like underground stones & roots.
  •  It increases soil turnover by reaching deeper organic matter layers.
  •  High quality wear-resistant steel used for the shovel, which gives it a long life in the toughest conditions.
  •  The heavy duty pointed chisel shatters the soil well below the surface, thus increasing the water holding capacity.
  •  Specially designed tyne is capable of penetrating up to 700 mm deep
  •  Tyne edge to reduce wear & tear of tyne

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Other Models

A Subsoiler is a tractor-mounted farm implements which is used for loosening, deep tillage and breaking up soil at depths below the levels worked by Rotavator, MB plough and Disc harrows. It can break and loosen soil up to the depth of 60 cm (24 inch) while most implements can break up and turn over soil surface only to the depth of 15–20 cm (5.9–7.9 in).

The key specifications of Heavy duty sub soiler:

  • A Sub soiler helps in breaking up hard pan layers and loosening the subsoil allowing,mineral osmosis, root growth and better drainage.
  • It has a shear bolt arrangement for protection of implements from hidden obstacles like underground stones & roots while heavy duty applications on field.
  • It has a High quality wear-resistant steel used for the shovel which provides strength and durability to the implements.
  • It also helps in increasing water holding capacity of field through its heavy duty pointed chisel usage.

Major functions of Heavy Duty Sub Soiler:

  1. The Fieldking heavy duty sub soiler has been found in different models based on number of tynes.
  2. The single tyne model has length 27 inches, width 31 inches and 48 inches height.
  3. The length and height of double and triple tyne model has 42 inch length and 57 inch height whereas the width of double tyne model is 48 inches and triple tyne is 60 inches.
  4. The single, double and triple model provides width cut of 3 inch, 32 inch and 48 inches respectively.
  5. Each model of Fieldking heavy duty sub soiler gives working depth of 28 inches.
  6. It has CAT-II type 3 point linkage.
  7. The double and triple tyne has a crumbler of length 55 inch and 70 inch respectively but not available in single tyne model.
  8. The Sub soiler has a weight 105 kg, 450 kg and 520 kg based on different tyne models.
  9. It requires a minimum of 40-65 HP tractor to operate.
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